SPectro-Interferometric Data Analysis Software Tool (SPIDAST)


SPIDAST is a spectro-interferometric calibration and interpretation software tool suite. It can be used to :

  • estimate the angular diameters of the calibrator targets from indirect methods;
  • calibrate the spectro-interferometric measurements, i.e. visibilities, fluxes, coherent fluxes, closure phases, and/or complex bispectral elements;
  • interprete the measurements with wavelength-dependent spatial 1D and/or 2D (still to come) parametric models.

SPIDAST is a product of the ESOM team of the OCA-Fizeau Laboratory (UMR-CNRS 6525). SPIDAST has been developed using PV-WAVE since May 2006. Some procedures has been translated from Fortran or IDL.

Installing SPIDAST

  1. Create the main directory SPIDAST/ and put the compilation files in it.
  2. Create the subdirectories :
    • CALIB/ for spectrophotometric data calibration procedures,
    • DIAM/ for angular diameter estimation procedures,
    • FIT/ for model fitting procedures,
    • MANIP/ for spectrophotometric data manipulation procedures,
    • MODEL/ for modelling procedures,
    • PHOT/ for photometric procedures,
    • STAT/ for statistical procedures,
    • UTIL/ for utility procedures,

and put the program files in them as following :


SPIDAST runtime parameters

The SPIDAST suite of programs use the following parameters, configurable via the system variables defined in the 3 following compilation files :


PLOT_DEVdevice used for plotWin32 (WinXP) / X (Unix)
SYNTHE_PATHabsolute path to synthetic flux/intensity files (Planck, Engelke, Marcs...)tbd by user
ALL_DATA_PATHabsolute path to general purpose data filestbd by user
SPIDAST_PATHabsolute path to SPIDAST routinestbd by user
OBS_PATHabsolute path to main directory containing observation data filestbd by user


GEOELEVobserving site elevation (in m)2681. (VLTI)
GEOLATobserving site latitude (in decimal deg)-24.62742941 (VLTI)
GEOLONobserving site longitude (in decimal deg)-70.40498688 (VLTI)
MAX_FLUXmaximal number of photoelectrons measured in raw flux1000000
MAX_HEADERmaximal length of each header file10000
MIN_FLUXminimum number of photoelectrons measured in raw flux0.001
NB_BAND_MAXmaximal number of spectral bands simultaneously measured5
NB_LAMBDA_MAXmaximal number of wavelengths per spectral band10000
NB_NIGHT_MAXmaximal number of nights allocated to each osberving run10
NB_OB_MAXmaximal number of observing blocks per target100
NB_OUV_MAXmaximal number of apertures simultaneously available4
NB_PAIR_MAXmaximal number of pairs of apertures simultaneously availableNB_OUV_MAX*(NB_OUV_MAX-1)/2
NB_PART_MAXmaximal number of parts per night (each part defined by a given instrumental setting)10
NB_TARG_MAXmaximal number of targets per part20
NB_TRIPLE_MAXmaximal number of triplets of apertures simultaneously availableNB_OUV_MAX*(NB_OUV_MAX-1)*(NB_OUV_MAX-2)/6
SPEC_RESinstrumental spectral resolution1500. (AMBER MR-K) / 35. (AMBER LR-JHK)


CHI2_LM_TOLEchi-square tolerance for convergence of Levenberg-Marquardt procedure0.001
DEL_FLAMBDA_LMpercentage of lambda to increase/decrease used in Levenberg-Marquardt procedure10.
EPSILONsmallest positive quantity1.e-15
FLAMBDA_LMstarting value of constant used in Levenberg-Marquardt procedure0.001
FORMAT_OUTformat of data contained in the output parameter files(1I8, 2A40, 1I8, 8F15.7, 8I8, 1E15.7, 8F15.7, 8F15.7, 8F15.7, 1I8)
LUMIN_STEPspectral step of luminance data (in microns)0.01
MARCS_RESMARCS-model spectral resolution20000.
MAS2RADIANconversion factor milliseconds of arc to radiansPI/180./3600.*0.001
MAX_LONGhighest unsigned long integer30000
MAX_REL_ERRmaximal relative error for validity of the 2nd-order error propagation with algebraic approach0.3
NB_BASE_STEPnumber of steps per projected baseline element0
NB_BOOT_LOOPSnumber of bootstrap loops1000
NB_BOOT_MINminimum number of bootstrap loops10
NB_COREnumber of optical depth values in core direction31
NB_DATA_BOOTnumber of minimum data required for bootstrap calculation5
NB_DATA_MAXmaximal number of measured data, used in fit1000
NB_LM_ITERmaximal number of Levenberg-Marquardt iterations100
NB_MAX_BOOTSmaximal number of bootstrap procedures3
NB_MAX_PARAMmaximal number of model parameters8
NB_RAD_MAXmaximal number of radii per wavelength500
NB_RES_STEPnumber of steps per spectral resolution element2
NB_SHELLnumber of optical depth values in shell direction51
NB_STARnumber of optical depth values in stellar direction11
PARAM_REL_DISTdefining parameter range [param-rel_dist*param,param+rel_dist*param] used for fit or test0.2
REF_ANG_DISTreference angular distance between science and calibrator (in deg), used for calibration weightening15.
REF_FWHMreference seeing fwhm (in arcsecond), used for calibration weightening1.
REF_TAU0reference coherence time (in second), used for calibration weightening0.005
REF_TIME_DELAYreference time delay between science and calibrator observation (in hour), used for calibration weightening1.
RSUN2PARSECsolar radius in parsec unit2.254e-8
PHISUN_1PCsolar angular diameter (in mas) seen at 1 parsec distance2*RSUN2PARSEC/MAS2RADIAN

Compiling SPIDAST

still to come


still to come

This Software "SPIDAST" is copyrighted OCA-Fizeau.

OCA-Fizeau holds all the ownership rights on the Software. The scientific community is asked to use this Software in order to test and evaluate it.

OCA-Fizeau freely grants the right to use this Software for research purpose only. Any use or reproduction of the Software to obtain profit or for commercial ends being subject to obtaining the prior express authorization of OCA-Fizeau.

Any commercial use made without obtaining the prior express agreement of OCA-Fizeau would therefore constitute a fraudulent imitation.

The Software being currently developed, OCA-Fizeau is assuming no liability, and should not be responsible, in any manner or any case, for any direct or indirect dammages sustained by the user.

Any user of the Software shall notify OCA-Fizeau of any comments concerning the use of the Software (e-mail: pierre.cruzalebes@…).

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