It is the first level of the MASMAI software.


OVN_add : Addition of a set of fits images
OVN_arit : Arithmetical operation between two fits images
OVN_bg : Image of a Gaussian noise
OVN_copy : Extraction of an image zone
OVN_tlog : Logarithmic transform of an image
OVN_thaar : The Haar transform of a fits images
stat_image: Statistics on a fits image

Associated files

Some files are attached for the demos. : the fits image (160x120) of the planetary nebula NGC 40 in infrared
Image_NGC40_CE.pdf: information concerning this image.

547_cen.fits, 555_cen.fits, 675_cen.fits, 814_cen.fits: 4 band HST images of the central part of the radiogalaxy 3C120
Images_3C120_HST.pdf: information concerning these images.

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