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This is a model-fitting prototyping tool meant to test multi-wavelength model-fitting. It is developed by F. Millour (mainly) with contributions from A. Meilland, B. Valat, V. Girault.

Please cite Millour et al. (2009) [ bibtex | ads ] if you use this software or the associated algorithm in a publication.

It provides the tools to define simple geometrical models and to adjust the model's parameters in a most convenient way.

A subpart of it, self-cal, is distributed separately.

A bit of history

An early version of this software was initially developed in 2005 to allow for the interpretation of heavily chromatic datasets coming out from the AMBER instrument (namely Gamma Velorum and Eta Carinae data). A fruitful interaction with the JMMC group motivated at that time this development, to test new ideas to input chromatic information in interferometric model-fitting.

It was also the basis to develop an idea from R. Petrov, the so-called "chips imaging" concept. "Chips imaging" is a mix of model-fitting and image reconstruction. It uses brick (or "chips") that have the exact same geometry (shape, size) at all wavelengths, but whose flux can vary with wavelength. This concept was at the origin of the awareness that the wavelength-differential phases can bring a decisive information about the content of a source's image, leading to the self-cal development. This idea came finally to a demonstration at the 2016 interferometry beauty concept with our participation using self-cal and chips imaging.

In 2007, the software was versionned under CVS, and was given a name: fitOmatic. It was later switched to trac/SVN in 2010.

In 2017, fitOmatic is distributed jointly with the publication of this article.


fitOmatic is distributed under the GNU GPL licence.


You can get fitOmatic on the download page.


You can install fitOmatic on a linux-based or macos-based system (sorry windows users!) following the instructions on the installation page.

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