The code FARGOCA is a 3D version of FARGO, developed in 2011 in its isothermal version, has evolved since then with the addition of the treatement of energy equation with energy provided by the viscous and compressional heating and by the energy irradiated from the star.

The code FARGOCA has been used in all or part of the simulations of the papers:

1) Bitsch B., A. Morbidelli, E. Lega, K. Kretke, A. Crida, A&A, 2014, 570, 75.

2) Bitsch B., Morbidelli A., Lega E., Crida A., 2014, A&A, 564, A135.

3) Lega E., Crida A., Bitsch B., Morbidelli A., 2014, MNRAS, 440, 683.

4) Morbidelli A., Szulagyi J., Crida A., Lega E., Bitsch B., Tanigawa T., 2014, Icarus, 232, 266.

5) Lambrecths, M., Jhoansen, A., Morbidelli, A., 2014, A&A, 572.

6) Bitsch, B., Johansen A., Lamberechts M., Morbidelli, A., A&A 2015, 575, A28.

7) Lega E., Morbidelli A., Bitsch B., Crida A., Szulagyi J., 2015, MNRAS, 452, 1717-1726.

8) Szulagyi J., Masset, F., Lega E., Morbidelli, A., Guillot T. and Crida, A., MNRAS 2016, 460, 2853-2861

9) Fung, J., Masset, F., Lega E. and Velasco, D., Astron. Journal, 2017, 153

10) Lamberechts, M., Lega E., A&A, 2017, under revision

The SVN deposit DISK contains:

fargo -> orginal 2D version by Masset

fargo2DSymba -> a version of fargo 2D where the Swift integrator replaces the 5th order Runge-Kutta for the N-body part

fargoADC -> a fargo2D based version with the addition of an adiabatic equation of state, the treatment of gas-dust interaction (C. Robert master) and the modelisation of accretion disk (constant Mdot) under study

fargo3D -> the 3D version of the code with energy, stellar heating on the whole disc with uniform and non uniform grid or on a sector with both geometries of the grid (OpenMP/MPI)

fargo3DSymba -> the equivalent of fargo2DSymba in 3D (isothermal equation of state only) FARGOCUDA1.2 -> fargo2D -3D (Benitez-Masset) for MPI/GPU

In order to get the code use the svn command chekout :

svn co
svn co
svn co 
etc ... 

checkout of the projekct DISK (a directory DISK is created and the files copied inside)

In order to compile the code 3D in ./DISK/fargo3D/src:


Then run:

./fargo in/template.par 

In order to compile the program for the plot of the gas quantities:


In order to make the plot of gas density and velocities :

./fargo3Dplot -h
./streamlines -h for streamlines
./average-cylindric for the analysis of flow in a cylindric frame centred on the planet
etc ... (see README in fargo3D/PostProces)

for the help on using fargo3Dplot. fargo3Dplot prepares different files for plot, it must be followed ./gnuexe in order to plot them with gnuplot

The output file containing the orbital parameters at each DT is orbiti.dat where i is the planet number. The columns contain respectively:

the date
the eccentricity
the semi-major axis
the inclination
the planet mean anomaly
the argument of pericenter
the longitude of the node

Revision e [71] in fargo3D/src@71 corresponds to the full 3D isothermal model with gas + planets. The figure shows the evolution of semi-major axis eccentricity and inclination for a 20 Earth mass planets. The parameter are those in Cresswell et al. 2007, and the results are in good agreement (see Fig.16 of Cresswell et al. paper).

In revision [82] in fargo3DAD/src@82 the adiabatic part is completed.

In revision [88] in fargo3DAD/src@82 Fargo3DSymba has been tested.

In revision [180] in fargo3D/src@180 the radiative part has been tested

In revision [215] in fargo3D/src@215 the stellar radiation routine has been added

In revision [280] in fargo3D/src@215 Fargo-Sector tested

In revision [390] in fargo3D/src@390 a geometry of non-uniform grid has been added

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