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Welcome to Trac of the Cubby project

If you are a developer, you probably want to go in the developer's corner.

If not, well, we do not have much to offer yet, but we have some user documentation. If you are interested (well, concerned) by the paper work, we have another web site.


Embed an image in wiki-formatted text. The first argument is the file …


Provide a list of known InterTrac prefixes.


Provide a description list for the known InterWiki prefixes.


List all known mime-types which can be used as WikiProcessors. Can be …


Display a list of all installed Wiki macros, including documentation …


Display a structural outline of the current wiki page, each item in …


List all pages that have recently been modified, ordered by the time …


Display the list of available repositories. Can be given the …


Display a list of all installed notification subscribers, including …


Wiki macro listing tickets that match certain criteria. This macro …


Insert an alphabetic list of all wiki pages into the output. Accepts …


Display help for trac-admin commands. Examples: […]


Display a table of content for the Trac guide. This macro shows a …


Produce documentation for the Trac configuration file. Typically, …


Render a workflow graph. This macro accepts a TracWorkflow


This plugin allows embedded equations in Trac markup. …

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