Developer Area

This area is targeted to the Cubby development team.

Development environment

New Comers
You're about to participate to the development of Cubby, you should read this first, it will explain stuff like how to get the code and how to deal with the development infrastructure.
Building/testing the code
How to configure and build the code using CMake.
Adding tests
how to add specific types of test.

Library specifics

How FFTW is used in our code, and why it is used that way.
How the HDF5 file format is used in our code, and in what extent is it a convenient and powerful way to store data.
Try out report

Development library High level (for Physicist )

Scalar and Vector

Diagnostics of the fields?

read and write 3D io (Scalar and vector) ?


Benchmark are performed in several computer.
principal numerical scheme of cubby.
Extra documents (student reports, ...)
How to Run
How to run cubby, what do the options mean.
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