Might be used one day to visualize asteroid explosion simulations.

We'll never be as cool as Hollywood but we expect to be slightly more accurate.

This is the early phase of a work in progress.

Build the Code


Configuration is made through CMake, it requires a minimum version of 2.8.11.

$svn co blast
$cd blast  
$ mkdir rel
$ cd rel
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .. 

If you have a recent Boost version installed in e non default location and want to use it (version 1.59 or more recent might improve performances w.r.t endianness conversion):

$ cd rel
$ cmake <...> -DBOOST_ROOT=<boost distribution location>  .. 


On linux like system, the configuration phase produces a Makefile based build system:

$ cd rel
$ make 

That Makefile system supports parallel build, so if you have 8 core, you can run:

$ make -j8

Run It

As for the run, assuming the frames are in ~/data/boom1/brutes/ and that the files are name ss.<nnnnn>0 and that there are 4000 of them:

$ ./bin/qtblast --fdir ~/data/boom1/brutes/ --format ss.%05d0  --nb-frame=4000


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